Ep1: The Wire

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By building an iron fence that runs right through the beautiful Kupa region, Slovenia has made Croatia a kind of involuntary buffer for the influx of refugees coming from Bosnia and trying to reach Europe.
Because of the fence, the normal way of life was disrupted and a whole new dynamic emerged.

The harsh, beautiful river canyon has become an arena for the different faces of human nature brought forward by a time of crisis, in which the local population has to find a way to deal with the new situation in order to survive.

The Wire is part of Borderline, a collection of 6 documentary films, made by talented European filmmakers. Each film focus on a prominent and characteristic border that surrounds or divides the European continent.

off World
Directed by: 
Tiha K. Gudac
Belgium, Croatia, Norway, Lithuania, Sweden, Slovenia
75' or 53'
English Subtitles
ZagrebDox 2021. The International Federation of Film Critics Award (FIPRESCI)